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Specialised leasing company on medical equipment in Uzbekistan


11A, Hamid Alimjan str., Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 100000.
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What is Leasing?

Specialized leasing company JSC “UzMED-leasing” was established in accordance with Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 236 dated 13.11.2007. JSC “UzMED-leasing” grants modern medical equipment, machinery and specialized motor transport for leasing to medical institutions regardless their ownership.
The company provides direct deliveries of medical equipment, tools, accessories and consumable products on-demand for medical institutions.

What is Leasing?

The word “leasing” means “rent”. But “leasing” really differs from “rent”. When undertaking leasing a company acquires equipment, machinery and motor transport in the someway that it happens if you take it through a rental agreement. But at the end of the period specified by the contract to be concluded with the leasing company, the leased subject (equipment, motor transport) becomes the property of the client. Reimbursable periods and conditions are more generous when you lease an equipment and machinery rather than you take it on credit. Therefore our leasing company offers a simple solution of updating material and technical resources for agencies in health care field.

Leasing is the most convenient and effective solution to extend extension and modernize materials and technical resources of medical institutions.

It should be noted that today the majority of medical institutions in the world update their material and technical resources through leasing transactions.
This is due to the fact that leasing allows medical institutions to optimize their existing small financial resources and gives them an opportunity to improve quality and range of services rendered.

The Government has provided great benefits to lessee:
  • Value added tax free and customs duties free while equipment is imported;
  • Value Added Tax is not paid and when lease payment is effected;
  • The leased equipment is exempted from property tax for the whole period of leasing agreement;
  • The tax base is to be reduced by amortization expenses which apply through an accelerated method.

This will significantly reduce the cost bearing by medical institutions in the process of equipment procurement. The equipment itself will generate enough income to effect lease payments for example through chargeable services. This may allow in its turn to choose more sophisticated and up-to-date medical equipment.

Leasing is more accessible financing method compared with bank crediting/ This method allows you to acquire fixed assets and the company taking the equipment on lease does not have to fulfill a number of the conditions to get the credit/ It can be security for the amount not less than 120% of the loan budget; equity-financing of more than 25% of project cost and etc. So leasing can significantly increase access for medical institutions to modern technologies in Uzbekistan being supported by the Government at the present days.
Specialised leasing company UzMED-leasing JSC, Uzbekistan